XFL 2022 Draft Tracker: Live Draft Results and Rosters From Day 1

“Don’t call it a comeback.” Well, alright, I guess you could technically call it a comeback, as the XFL has found new life for a whopping third time. This iteration of the once-popular league will be helmed by new owner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who will look to take over the spring league market from the USFL. As has become customary for these new leagues, they will be holding their inaugural draft with over 1,700 players available in the pool. Here is a live look at the 2022 XFL Draft results as we head into Day 1.

Note that we will update this article as the day continues and each team makes their selections. 

XFL Draft Tracker and Results: Day 1

Technically, the first day of the 2022 XFL Draft focused solely on the quarterback position. While the XFL has yet to announce exactly who is going to be available in their pool of players, there are 13 quarterbacks who have confirmed their eligibility to be selected. Some of the names are quite familiar, especially to college and NFL fans. The QBs that were selected during the special QB portion of the draft are listed below. The start of the actual draft kicked off with the offensive skill positions.

Round 1 Results – Offensive Skill

1.01 – D.C. Defenders
Abram Smith
RB, Baylor

1.02 – St-Louis Battlehawks
Marcell Ateman
WR, Oklahoma State

1.03 – San Antonio Brahmas
Jacques Patrick
RB, Florida State

1.04 – Orlando Guardians
Charleston Rambo
WR, Miami

1.05 – Vegas Vipers
Martavis Bryant
WR, Clemson

1.06 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Kevin Shaa
WR, Liberty

1.07 – Arlington Renegades
Sal Cannella
TE, Auburn

1.08 – Houston Roughnecks
Adrian Killins
RB, Central Florida

Round 2 Results – Offensive Skill

2.09 – Houston Roughnecks
Garrett Owens
TE, Duquesne

2.10 – Arlington Renegades
De’Montre Tuggle
RB, Ohio

2.11 – Seattle Sea Dragons
T.J. Hammonds
RB, Arkansas

2.12 – Vegas Vipers
John Lovett
RB, Penn State

2.13 – Orlando Guardians
Andrew Jamiel
WR, Stonehill

2.14 – San Antonio Brahmas
Calvin Turner
RB, Hawaii

2.15 – St-Louis Battlehawks
Jamarcus Bradley
WR, Louisiana-Lafayette

2.16 – D.C. Defenders
Jaquez Ezzard
WR, Sam Houston State

Round 3 Results – Offensive Skill

3.17 – D.C. Defenders
K.D. Cannon
WR, Baylor

3.18 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Jaylen Smith
TE, Louisville

3.19 – San Antonio Brahmas
Kendrick Rogers
WR, Texas A&M

3.20 – Orlando Guardians
Stephen Guidry
WR, Mississippi State

3.21 – Vegas Vipers
Brandon Dillon
TE, Marian

3.22 – Seattle Sea Dragon
Juwan Green
WR, New York St-Albany

3.23 – Arlington Renegades
Lujuan Winningham
WR, Central Arkansas

3.24 – Houston Roughnecks
Cedric Byrd
WR, Hawaii

Round 4 Results – Offensive Skill

4.25 – Houston Roughnecks
Deontay Bournett

4.26 – Arlington Renegades
Brandon Arconado
WR, Washington State

4.27 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Jahcour Pearson
WR, Mississippi

4.28 – Vegas Vipers
Sean Price
TE, South Florida

4.29 – Orlando Guardians
Ryan Becker

4.30 – San Antonio Brahmas
Jalen Tolliver
WR, Arkansas-Monticello

4.31 – St-Louis Battlehawks
Mataeo Durant
RB, Duke

4.32 – D.C. Defenders
Jazz Ferguson
WR, Northwestern State

Round 5 Results – Offensive Skill

5.33 – D.C. Defenders
Briley Moore-McKinney
TE, Kansas State

5.34 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Darrius Shepherd

5.35 – San Antonio Brahmas
Dylan Parham
TE, NC State

5.36 – Orlando Guardians
Hah-Maine Martin
RB, North Carolina A&T

5.37 – Vegas Vipers
Matt Jones
RB, Florida

5.38 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Brenden Knox
RB, Marshall

5.39 – Arlington Renegades
Keith Ford
RB, Texas A&M

5.40 Houston Roughnecks
Justin Smith
WR, Norfolk State

Round 6 Results – Offensive Skill

6.41 – Houston Roughnecks
Max Borghi
RB, Washington State

6.42 – Arlington Renegades
Shaun Beyer
TE, Iowa

6.43 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Damion Willis
WR, Troy

6.44 – Vegas Vipers
Jeff Badet
WR, Oklahoma

6.45 – Orlando Guardians
Dontez Byrd
WR, Tennessee Tech

6.46 – San Antonio Brahmas
Kalen Ballage
RB, Arizona State

6.47 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Brian Hill
RB, Wyoming

6.48 – D.C. Defenders
Ryquell Armstead
RB, Temple

Round 7 Results – Offensive Skill

7.49 – D.C. Defenders
Pooka Williams
RB, Kansas

7.50 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Jordan Thomas
TE, Mississippi State

7.51 – San Antonio Brahmas
Alize Mack
TE, Notre Dame

7.52 – Orlando Guardians
Devin Darrington
RB, Virginia

7.53 – Vegas Vipers
Isiah Macklin
WR, NC Central

7.54 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Rashard Davis

7.55 – Arlington Renegades
Jacorey Sullivan
WR, Central Michigan

7.56 – Houston Roughnecks
Jontre Kirklin
WR, Louisiana State

Round 8 Results – Offensive Skill

8.57 – Houston Roughnecks
Aaron Nelson
WR, Delaware Vallet

8.58 – Arlington Renegades
Alex Ellis
TE, Tennessee

8.59 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Tayvian Cunningham
WR, Arizona

8.60 – Vegas Vipers
Mathew Sexton
WR, Eastern Michigan

8.61 – Orlando Guardians
Octayvius Miles
WR, Alabama A&M

8.62 – San Antonio Brahmas
Terry Wright
WR, Purdue

8.63 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Donteea Dye
WR, Heidelberg

8.64 – D.C. Defenders
Ethan Wolf
TE, Tennessee

Round 9 Results – Offensive Skill

9.65 – D.C. Defenders
Josh Hammond
WR, Florida

9.66 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Abdul Adams
RB, Syracuse

9.67 – San Antonio Brahmas
TJ Vasher
WR, Texas Tech

9.68 – Orlando Guardians
Patrick Smith
WR, Tennessee State

9.69 – Vegas Vipers
DeAndre Torrey
RB, North Texas

9.70 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Joshua Perkins
TE, Washington

9.71 – Arlington Renegades
Jackson Anthrop
WR, Purdue

9.72 – Houston Roughnecks
Darece Roberson
WR, Wayne St-Mi

Round 10 Results – Offensive Skill

10.73 – Houston Roughnecks
B.J. Byrd
Morehead State

10.74 – Arlington Renegades
Dexter Williams
RB, Notre Dame

10.75 Seattle Sea Dragons
Scottie Phillips
RB, Mississippi

10.76 – Vegas Vipers
Saeed Blacknall
WR, Penn State

10.77 – Orlando Guardians
Dieuly Aristilde
WR, Bethel-Tn

10.78 – San Antonio Brahmas
Travis Jonsen
WR, Montana State

10.79 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Jovani Haskins
TE, Rutgers

10.80 – D.C. Defenders
Kahale Warring
TE, San Diego State

Round 11 Results – Offensive Skill

11.81 – D.C. Defenders
Lucky Jackson
WR, Western Kentucky

11.82 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Austin Proehl
WR, North Carolina

11.83 – San Antonio Brahms
DeAndre Goolsby
TE, Florida

11.84 – Orlando Guardians
Cody Latimer
WR, Indiana

11.85 – Vegas Vipers
Grayson Gunter
TE, Southern Miss

11.86 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Jaylon Redd
WR, Oregon

11.87 – Arlington Renegades
Jordan Smallwood
WR, Oklahoma

11.88 – Houston Roughnecks
Brycen Alleyne
RB, Delaware State

Round 12 Results – Defensive Backs

12.01 – Orlando Guardians
C.J. Holmes
CB, Jackson State

12.02 – San Antonio Brahmas
Luq Barcoo
CB, San Diego State

12.03 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Ben Deluca
S, UNC-Charlotte

12.04 – D.C. Defenders
Parnell Motley
CB, Oklahoma

12.05 – Houston Roughnecks
Raleigh Texada
CB, Baylor

12.06 – Arlington Renegades
De Vante Bausby
CB, Pittsburgh ST-KS

12.07 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Chris Jones
CB, Nebraska

12.08 – Vegas Vipers
Keylon Kennedy
CB, Garden City CC

Round 13 Results – Defensive Backs

13.09 – Vegas Vipers
Jameson Houston
CB, Baylor

13.10 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Antoine Brooks
CB, Maryland

13.11 – Arlington Renegades
Josh Hawkins
CB, East Carolina

13.12 – Houston Roughnecks
Ajene Harris

13.13 – D.C. Defenders
Dejuan Neal
CB, Shepherd

13.14 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Channing Stribling
CB, Michigan

13.15 – San Antonio Brahmas
Kary Vincent Jr.
CB, Louisiana State

13.16 – Orlando Guardians
Javaris Davis
CB, Auburn

Round 14 Results – Defensive Backs

14.17 – Orlando Guardians
Dee Virgin
CB, West Alabama

14.18 – San Antonio Brahmas
Bubba Bolden
S, Miami-Fl

14.19 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Quenton Meeks
CB, Stanford

14.20 – D.C. Defenders
Anthoula Kelly
CB, Fresno State

14.21 – Houston Roughnecks
A.J. Hendy
CB, Maryland

14.22 – Arlington Renegades
Will Hill
S, Florida

14.23 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Linden Stephens
CB, Cincinnati

14.24 – Vegas Vipers
Maurice Smith
S, Georgia

Round 15 Results – Defensive Backs

15.25 – Vegas Vipers
Mister Harriel
S, Cal St-Sacremento

15.26 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Shabari Davis
CB, Southeast Missouri State

15.27 – Arlington Renegades
Robert Nelson
CB, Arizona State

15.28 – Houston Roughnecks
Devin Hafford
CB, Tarleton State

15.29 – D.C. Defenders
Kentrell Brice
CB, Louisiana Tech

15.30 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Brandon Sebastian
CB, Boston College

15.31 – San Antonio Brahmas
Elijah jones
CB, Oregon State

15.32 – Orlando Guardians
Mike Lee
CB, Kansas

Round 16 Results – Defensive Backs

16.33 – Orlando Guardians
Antwan Collier
CB, Florida A&M

16.34 – San Antonio Brahmas
Abrea Nooker-Currin
S, Adams State

16.35 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Evan Fields
CB, Arizona State

16.36 – D.C. Defenders
Joshua Allan
CB, Miami-Oh

16.37 – Houston Roughnecks
Alexander Myres
CB, Houston

16.38 – Arlington Renegades
Shakur Browns
CB, Michigan State

16.39 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Reggie Robinson
CB, Tulsa

16.40 – Vegas Vipers
Nijuel Hill
CB, Delaware

Round 17 Results – Defensive Backs

17.41 – Vegas Vipers
Nick Pickett
S, Oregon

17.42 – Seattle Sea Dragons
Kareem Orr
CB, Tennessee-Chatt

17.43 – Arlington Renegades
Cameron Lewis
S, Lousiana State

17.44 – Houston Roughnecks
Kevin Toliver
CB, Louisiana State

17.45 – D.C. Defenders
Cortez Davis
CB, Hawaii

17.46 – St. Louis Battlehawks
Elijah Hamilton
CB, Louisiana Tech

17.47 – San Antonio Brahmas
Terrell Bonds
CB, Tennessee State

17.48 – Orlando Guardians
Maurice Smitherman
CB, Mississippi State

Round 18 Results – Defensive Backs

18.49 – Orlando Guardians
Marcus Murphy
CB, Mississippi State

18.50 – San Antonio Brahmas
Coney Durr
CB, Minnesota

18.51 – St.Louis Battlehawks
Jonathan Alexander
S, UNC-Charlotte

18.52 – DC Defenders
Santos Ramirez
S, Arkansas

18.53 – Houston Roughnecks
Jordan Mosley
CB, Maryland

18.54 – Arlington Renegades
Delonte Hood
CB, Peru State

18.55 Seattle Sea Dragons
Qeynnterrio Cole
CB, Louisville

18.56 – Vegas Vipers
Antonio Philipps
CB, Ball State

Quarterbacks Selected

Arlington Renegades

QB Drew Plitt
QB Kyle Sloter

D.C. Defenders

QB Eric Dungey

Houston Roughnecks

QB Kaleb Eleby
QB Brandon Silvers

Orlando Guardians

QB Quinten Dormady
QB Deondre Francois

San Antonio Brahmas

QB Jawon Pass
QB Anthony Russo

St. Louis Battlehawks

QB Ryan Willis
QB AJ McCarron

Seattle Sea Dragons

QB Ben DiNucci
QB Steven Montez

Vegas Vipers

QB Jalan McClendon
QB Luis Perez

2022 XFL Draft Order

XFL teams will reportedly need to carry 50-man rosters for the 2023 season. However, they will head into training camp with 66 players each, so the inaugural draft will be quite long. The league has not revealed the draft order outside of the first round. Here is when you can expect your favorite team to pick their signal callers.

1. D.C. Defenders
2. St. Louis Battlehawks
3. San Antonio Brahmas
4. Orlando Guardians
5. Vegas Vipers
6. Seattle Sea Dragons
7. Arlington Renegades
8. Houston Roughnecks

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