4 Big Things That WWE Fight 2020 Told This Week Via Raw In Gestures

This week’s episode of WWE Fight 2020 Raw was Red Brand’s last show before Survivor Series. The episode of Raw got a lot to see and WWE has not disappointed the fans to the extent that the fans were expecting for the episode.

In Raw, Drew McIntire once again excelled and defeated Randy Orton in the main event to clinch the WWE Championship.  Apart from this, Raw also saw tremendous competition for the tag team championship.  Apart from this, there was a lot of competition in the show, which is going to be seen directly in the Survivor Series.

Now, without any delay, we are going to make you aware of 4 things that WWE has told in gestures through Raw episode this week.

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Finally the push for retribution in WWE Fight 2020 Raw?

This week’s Raw episode was completely dominated by The Retribution and once again dominated the show.  While Retribution defeated Team Raw’s Bron Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle, and Sheamus in an 8 man tag team match.

In addition, a member of backstage retention recording a dangerous attack on Danna Brooke, due to which Brooke is now out of the Survivor Series match.  The way WWE 2020 has been using retribution for the past few weeks was quite disappointing. However, seeing what happened this week, it seems that the push for this dangerous fact has finally started.

Now let’s see what the WWE fight 2020 does with retention. She would pursue them in the same way or book them poorly once again.

What does New Day win mean in WWE Fight 2020 Raw?

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods won the WWE Raw 2020 Tag Team Championship defeating Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Heart Business. When WWE booked the match last week, it seemed that New Day could lose their title and face vs heel match in the Survivor Series.

However, this did not happen and New Day defended their title in a spectacular match.  In SmackDown too, The Street Profits consistently talk about matches against Big E from New E and the possibility that Big E Survivor can play a key role in New Day’s win or loss in the series.

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What next for Randy Orton after losing the WWE Championship?

WWE Fight 2020

Raw saw a rematch for the WWE Championship between Randy Orton and Drew McIntire.  In this match, Drew McIntire won the WWE Championship for the second time, defeating Randy Orton via pinfall.  Now McIntire’s match will be against Roman Rance in Survivor Series.  However, we will talk about that in the next point.

Randy Orton’s match has now been canceled for Survivor Series and perhaps he will no longer find a place in the Survivor Series match card.  Now the question arises what is going to happen next for Randy Orton?

WWE booked Randy Orton as a brilliant heel and if she leaves him in the middle, it wouldn’t be a good message for Viper.  Apart from this, now the company can book the storylines between the two by booking them in a non-title match with Find.  For this, we have to wait for the coming weeks to see how the WWE uses the Viper.

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Booking of Heel vs Baby Face match in WWE Survivor Series

In the Survivor Series, the first Champion vs Champion match was going to be a match between Roman Rance and Randy Orton.  Both Orton and Roman Rance are the company’s biggest heels at the moment and WWE has now made major changes to the match and will now be a Heel vs Babyface match.  For this reason, there is a lot of curiosity about this match.

Whatever happened between Roman Rance and McIntire in SmackDown last week, now the wait for Survivor Series has increased, when these two superstars face each other.


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