Washington Commanders Finally Have an End Date for Dan Snyder Debacle

The Washington Post reports that the NFL will hold a special league meeting on July 20 to vote on the sale of the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris and his group from Dan and Tanya Snyder. The finance committee is expected to unanimously approve the deal, making it likely that the league will approve it.

Washington Commanders Sale Had Some Obstacles

Dan and Tanya Snyder agreed to the Harris group’s sales terms a week before the Annual Spring Meeting held in Minneapolis, resulting in a valuation of the franchise at $6.05 billion. The NFL finance committee needed additional time ahead of that meeting to review the finances of over a dozen members of the group.

As one person familiar with the league’s thinking told the Washington Post, “There’s every reason to believe it should get done by then.”

While the sale would occur less than a week before the Commanders’ training camp opens on July 26, it would be earlier in the offseason than the sale of the Denver Broncos to the Walton-Penner group, which was approved on Aug. 9 of last year.

The Commanders’ deal was not without its hiccups, as the originally proposed structure exceeded NFL rules for how much of the purchase of the sale can be financed. That has since been resolved. There are other league bylaws, such as rules restricting the types of ownership, the presence of private equity, and so on, that needed to be double-checked before the proposal could move forward.

Dan Snyder Was Forced Into Team Sale After Multiple Misconduct Investigations

A series of investigations have forced the Snyders into a position to sell the team, with charges that range from workplace harassment to financial fraud and a number of other charges in between. The sale itself had its own drama, with suspect offers from other potential owners clouding the picture.

Snyder and the Commanders stood accused of fomenting a toxic workplace culture, engaging in harassment himself, improperly finding ways to funnel franchise money into his pockets without the knowledge of other owners, hiding gate receipts from away teams, and more.

This stands independent of previous allegations that Snyder and the Commanders non-consensually recorded lewd videos of the cheerleaders or allegations that the Commanders withheld their passports on at least one foreign photoshoot.

The league and congressional investigations into Snyder are ongoing, and it’s unclear at the moment whether or not the sale of the deal, which could include language to indemnify Snyder of wrongdoing, will disrupt or neutralize any investigations.

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