Video games in 2021- How to earn money through video gaming?

Video games in 2021 is the most admired and widespread phenomenon in entertainment as well as the marketing industry. Gamers play video games for fun and time-pass but are playing games to earn a six-digit, sometimes even up to eight-digit salary.

Have you ever imagined earning an eight-digit salary by playing games? No, I don’t think so; many believe that only doctors and engineers earn up to this much. But now, in this modern era of technological advancement, people are earning through various fields.

Many popular video games pay the players with exceptional amounts, and players not only play them to earn money but also enjoy playing.

One such popular game is Counter-strike Global Offensive, a first-person shooter multiplayer game. Players even buy CSGO prime accounts to get exclusive benefits in the game and collect exceptional gaming assets.                                                                

Want to learn how to earn through Video games in 2021?

Well, now, we will discuss some cool ideas to earn through playing video games.

Become a video game tester:

It is one of the easiest ways of earning through games; the developers give you their game to test for them in a real-time environment. You have to look for any problems or bugs that the game might have so that the developers can fix it before launching the game.

This is the old but gold way of earning through video gaming; players give the developers suggestions about their game so that the game launched in the market is perfect.

An estimated pay of average testers paid for testing video games is $67,813 per annum. This is a whole fortune!

But the job is tough and can give a tough time to even the best players. Game testers have to do matrix testing. In matrix testing of a fighting game with 25 characters, the game testers have to play the matches between all the 25 characters one-by-one.

Start a YouTube channel for Video games in 2021:

This is another fun way of earning through video games. You can start a YouTube channel and share visual blogs and podcasts about your favorite games.

You might have heard about the PewDiePie, who is the sixth most paid YouTuber and earned $12 million with games commentary.

Video games in 2021

Image by Anton Porsche from Pixabay

Stream on Twitch:

People love to see the videos of others playing their favorite video game, and Twitch is one of the most reliable and popular platforms.

Twitch streamers make $10 million per year through sponsorships, ads, and subscribers.

To become a streamer, you must have a partnership with Twitch, and that will happen when you:

  • You will have a broadcast of at least five hundred minutes in the last thirty days.
  • You must have at least seven broadcasts in the last one month.
  • You must have at least three or more subscribers who concurrently watch your broadcasts in the last one month.
  • Or you must have at least fifty followers.

When you become a twitch partner, you will start earning money through subscribers and sponsorships.

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Compete in tournaments in Video games in 2021:

Competing in tournaments might not be a permanent source of income, but winning the matches of the most popular games can get you a tremendous amount of money.

The most popular games that can make you a fortune are Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, etc.

Competitive players are known to earn up to $322,000 per annum, and they have won this money through only playing Fortnite.

If you are a competitive and good player, this can be one of the coolest ways of making money through gaming.

If you want to earn consistently through competing in the tournaments, you must consistently win the matches with different players’ levels. 

Become a game developer:

One way of earning money through gaming is to become a game developer and earn through making games. You must be able to make your way into good companies like EA and Ubisoft in order to earn up to $83,000 monthly.

But working as an employee in significant and reputable companies can become tedious as they demand you to work for max hours and have almost to forget that you have a personnel life.

One way of becoming a game developer is to start a company of your own, which will be less tiring, and work with free-will.

All you need is a little passion and a lot of knowledge about the games and the gaming community’s demands and expectations.

By coming up to the gamers’ expectations and developing something with all the traits of good games in one can make your game be the next buzz creating a release in the market.

And who knows you become the next Markus Persson who himself developed the Minecraft game under his own company known as Mojang and then sold it for $2.5 billion.

These are some of the ways through which you can earn through playing your favorite video games!


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