Tony Pauline’s Big Board of Top Players for the 2023 NFL Draft

My 2023 NFL Draft Big Board has been updated following the NFL Combine and pro days. With less than a month to go to the draft, time is running out for things to change significantly. However, there may still be some slight adjustments between now and the 2023 season.

2023 NFL Draft Big Board

A total of 1,064 players have been graded on my latest big board. That is my final number after reviewing the tape and reports of prospects who have returned or declared for the 2023 NFL Draft.

  • 22 players have solid first-round grades, with Anthony Richardson and Will Levis projected as first-round picks despite lower grades.
  • 111 players have Day 1 or Day 2 grades.
  • 262 players have solid draftable grades.

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Tony Pauline’s Grading System

In my big board for the 2023 NFL Draft, you’ll also notice a grade attached to each prospect. To put that into perspective, here is how it breaks down.

  • 6.00-5.20
    Potential Franchise Player | High First Round
  • 5.19-4.40
    Impact Player | Top 10
  • 4.39-4.00
    Quality Starter | First Round
  • 3.99-3.78
    First-Team Prospect | Second Round
  • 3.77-3.60
    Potential Starter | Late Second to Third Round
  • 3.59-3.50
    Developmental Starter | Fourth Round
  • 3.49-3.39
    Situational | Fifth/Sixth Round
  • 3.38-3.25
    Special Teams | Sixth/Seventh Round
  • 3.24-3.00
    Practice Squad | Priority Free Agent
  • 2.99-2.70
    Free Agent | Undrafted

Big Board Notes for April Update


Hendon Hooker still grades as QB3 on my board. The only difference is I slapped a second-round grade on him despite the fact he’s graded No. 27 overall on my board. The two biggest movers at the position are Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Jaren Hall, both of who did incredibly well at Combine and pro day workouts. I have both as fourth-round prospects though there is some talk they could end up late on Day 2.

Running Back

I’ve graded Sean Tucker as a UDFA based on the information and story I posted Monday, March 20. As I stated then, Tucker will be returning to Indianapolis for the Combine medical recheck in the next 10 days. Hopefully, he gets the green light to work out in front of scouts.

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The hot name at the position in scouting circles is DeWayne McBride of UAB. Some have told me he could be the third running back off the board, but I’m skeptical. McBride has yet to work out for teams due to a right hamstring injury. I have a third-round grade on him.

Wide Receiver and Tight End

Trey Palmer has a lot of love in the scouting community, and there are some who believe he’ll be drafted before the third round closes out. Presently I have a fourth-round grade on him.

Tight end Dalton Kincaid also gets a lot of love in the scouting community, and as of now, he’ll be the second or third TE drafted. Kincaid has not worked out for scouts due to a small bone fracture in his back. As I mentioned during my write-up on Utah’s Pro Day, it will be a wait-and-see scenario whether or not Kincaid works out before the draft. Despite my request, I’ve not received an update.

Cameron Latu is gaining a lot of traction, and his draft stock is headed North. One of the biggest reasons for the move was his 40-yard dash times at the Alabama Pro Day, which ranged from 4.55 to 4.61 seconds, two-tenths faster than scouts expected. I have a fifth-round grade on him, but some I’ve spoken with believe Latu could end up a Day 2 pick.

Offensive Line

Braeden Daniels’ pro day workout could cement him as a late Day 2 pick. Teams love the athleticism he displayed, plus the versatility of his game. Right tackle seems to be the only spot on the offensive line Daniels is incapable of handling on Sunday.

Defensive Line

I have Calijah Kancey graded as a second-round pick, but I can attest to the fact some teams have a first-round grade on the Pitt junior. The big issue is that Kancey is a scheme-specific prospect as a one-gap 3-technique tackle. Teams running that sort of system believe Kancey is a top-60 prospect. Otherwise, I’ve been getting third and fourth-round grades on him.


Drew Sanders really impressed people during his pro day last week. It wasn’t just his 40-yard dash time, which came in between 4.56 to 4.63 seconds, it was his overall athleticism. Sanders quelled concerns many had surrounding his ability to play in space. I still have higher grades on Jack Campbell and Trenton Simpson but would not be surprised if Sanders is the first of the trio to be selected in the draft.

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