The Match 2022 scorecard: Results for Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen

The Match in 2022 has been much anticipated for NFL fans. With four star quarterbacks squaring off on the golf course in Las Vegas there are sure to be some exciting moments. Let’s examine how the scorecard for The Match VI and the hole-by-hole results from the 2022 event.

The Match scorecard | Hole-by-hole results from Brady-Rodgers vs. Allen-Mahomes

The 2022 Match was played across 12 holes at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas. The course is a par-70 spanning 6,722 yards. The course features six par-three holes and four par-five holes. However, with The Match being played over just 12 holes the breakdown of the holes in terms of par is four par-threes, five par-fours, and three par-fives.

The format of the match was “shamble”. All four players drive off and then each team selects their best drive. From that point each player plays their own ball into the hole. The team with the lowest score wins each hole.

Hole 1: Rodgers (Birdie) & Brady — 1 up

Par 4 | 486 yards

Rodgers and Mahomes’ balls were chosen off the tee. After Mahomes and Allen missed birdie putts, Rodgers sunk his for a one-shot lead after the first hole.

Hole 2: Brady (Birdie) & Rodgers — 2 up

Par 5 | 494 yards

After Rodgers and Allen’s balls were selected off the tee, Brady knocked it in close with his second. After two-putting for a birdie, Mahomes and Allen could only manage a par.

Hole 3: Mahomes (Birdie) & Allen — 1 down

Par 4 | 325 yards

Rodgers and Mahomes both drove close to the green and their balls were selected. Mahomes rolled it close with his second to make a birdie three. After Rodgers fluffed a chip, neither he nor Brady could match Mahomes’ birdie.

Hole 4: Halved — Brady & Rodgers 1 up

Par 3 | 155 yards

Allen found the water off the tee while Mahomes and Rodgers both also missed the green. Brady was the only player to hit the green but Mahomes was able to get up and down for par from over the back of the green.

Brady won the closest to the pin challenge.

Hole 5: Mahomes (Birdie) & Allen — All square

Par 5 | 533 yards

Allen and Rodgers put their drives in the fairway, while Brady and Mahomes were wild off the tee. Mahomes found the green in two and was able to two-putt for a birdie to win the hole and square up The Match scorecard after five holes.

Hole 6: Halved — All square

Par 3 | 190 yards

Brady and Rodgers both found the green while Mahomes and Allen were wild off the tee. The veteran QBs could only make par and Mahomes was able to match to keep it all square at the halfway stage.

Brady won the closest to the pin challenge.

Hole 7: Halved — All square

Par 5 | 520 yards

Kicking off the back half of The Match scorecard, Mahomes was the only one to hit the fairway with his drive. Brady managed to recover for par and Mahomes could not capitalize. The score remained all square through seven holes.

Hole 8: Mahomes (Birdie) & Allen — 1 up

Par 3 | 170 yards

Mahomes and Brady both found the green while Rodgers’ ball took a trip to the water. The Chiefs’ QB then sunk a seven-foot putt for birdie to take their first lead of The Match.

Mahomes won the closest to the pin challenge.

Hole 9: Halved — Mahomes & Allen 1 up

Par 4 | 415 yards

Brady and Rodgers found the fairway while Allen and Mahomes were wild off the tee. Mahomes hit an incredible recovery shot close to the pin to pile the pressure on Rodgers and Brady. Rodgers then reversed that pressure with a birdie but Mahomes stood tall to keep his team in the lead.

Hole 10: Brady (Par) & Rodgers — All square

Par 4 | 306 yards

Allen and Brady both found the bunker off the tee with Mahomes off to the right. The best shot came last as Rodgers hit the green in one. Mahomes and Allen could not produce the par save allowing Brady to two-putt to bring it back all square on The Match 2022 scorecard.

Hole 11: Halved — All square

Par 4 | 370 yards

Rodgers and Mahomes hit beautiful drives with Rodgers in the fairway and Mahomes just in the first cut. With none of the four able to go any better than par, the teams headed down to the final hole all square.

Hole 12: Rodgers (Birdie) & Brady — 1 up

Par 3 | 170 yards

Rodgers hit a lovely tee shot into the green inside 15 feet. Allen and Mahomes both missed the green. However, Mahomes had a mulligan to use, which he managed to get onto the green but a long way away from the flag. Allen nearly holed a long putt for a birdie but left the door open for Brady and Rodgers with a chance to win. Rodgers sunk his putt to win the hole and take the match.

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