Best & Rare Rat Traps of 2021 which are General and Pets Friendly.

Choosing rat traps can be quite difficult. But if you want to get rid of a mouse, you naturally want to have the best mousetrap. However, figuring out which trap is best can be difficult with the large selection.

That is why this blog was developed! Based on customer reviews from, I found the best mousetrap for you. In addition, the animal friends have also been taken into account: attention will also be paid to the best animal-friendly mouse trap.

Please note that this is only my recommendation. In practice, one mouse trap can of course yield better results than the other. I cannot test that. These are just the mousetrap I recommend based on customer reviews on

The Best Rat Traps: Overall

What makes a mousetrap the best mousetrap? First, of course, the trap should just do what it’s supposed to do: catch mice. But it is also important that the bait cannot just be taken out of the trap and that the mouse does not suffer unnecessary or long pain. And the price of the trap must of course also be right.

Based on these factors, among other things, I started looking for the best mousetrap. And we have a winner!

This mousetrap is rated an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars on And for a reason! The trap does its job very well. When a mouse is caught, the trap slams hard. As a result, the animal is killed instantly and does not suffer unnecessarily much pain.

In addition, according to users of the product, it is easy to install the Rat Traps. The mousetrap is bundled with a manual. This means you don’t have to mess around with setting up the trap. The bait is also easy to install. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What many people also appreciate is that the product is safe. You don’t have to touch the dead mouse to remove it from the trap. You can even reuse the trap if you need to. To do this, you only need to clean the product with water.

In terms of price, the fall is currently around $3.50 each. However, the product comes in a package of six pieces, so you currently lose $20.99 for the traps. The price is higher than that of the well-known wooden trap, but there is a higher quality.

In short, users are very positive about this trap due to the combination of the rapid death of the vermin, how easy the trap is to install and how safe the product is to (re) use. All these factors together make this product the best mouse trap!

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Best Pet-Friendly Rat Traps

But we are not there yet with only the best mouse trap! Nowadays there are also a large number of animal-friendly mouse traps on the market.

Various meanings can be associated with the term ‘animal-friendly Rat Traps’. Some people mean by this a trap where the creature ends up alive so that it can later be released into nature. Others see a trap that kills the mouse in one fell swoop as animal-friendly because it doesn’t hurt the animal for long.

In this blog, I understand the first variant as animal-friendly. Therefore, attention will only be paid here to the traps that keep the animals alive. And we have a winner in this area too!

In my opinion, the best animal-friendly mouse trap is that of the Wonact brand. The trap is rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars on There is also a good reason for this.

Rat Traps

First of all, the trap is of course extremely animal-friendly. The vermin ends up in a transparent tube and cannot go outside on their own. This way you can easily switch off the mouse in nature. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What people like about this product is that it simply does the job well. The animals can be caught in an animal-friendly way. In addition, the Rat Traps are extremely safe, both for you and the animal. The mouse gets enough oxygen through the ventilation grid that is included in the product.

The bait is easy to install and replace, which increases ease of use. You can also reuse the trap, so you don’t have to buy a mouse trap every time you have a mouse problem.

The price for a trap is approximately € 12.50, but the product comes in a set of two. As a result, you will probably spend about 25 euros on the set. So for that money, you get the best animal-friendly mouse trap. Unfortunately, the prices of animal-friendly mouse traps are usually a lot higher than those of the regular traps.

Again, the trap is so good because it just works as you would expect it to. The trap is reusable and the animal can stay alive thanks to the ventilation grille. That makes this the best animal-friendly mouse trap!

Do make sure that you quickly turn the mouse off again. Otherwise, he runs the risk of dying because of the stress he experiences in the small space. And that is probably not what you are purchasing this trap for.

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Check out these Rat Traps for sure!

This blog really only focuses on the mousetrap that I generally consider the best and the best animal-friendly mousetrap. Originally I wanted to include more variants in the blog, but not many reviews of those variants were left. Since I don’t want to misrepresent you, I have decided to disregard them.

However, I also want to mention other types of mouse traps. Maybe there is something that appeals to you.

Electric Mousetrap

A contemporary variant of the classic mousetrap is the electric mouse trap. These mouse traps, which often look like a mix between a suitcase and a baking pan, contain a small entrance through which the creature can enter. Once inside, the mouse receives an electric shock and the animal is electrocuted. This makes it a quick death.

The device usually uses batteries and can only be used indoors. Two disadvantages are that the chance of the mouse entering the mouse trap seems to be smaller than with other variants and that the price is somewhat higher.

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(Ultrasonic) Mouse Repeller

The ultrasonic mouse repeller is also a kind of new mousetrap. But instead of catching mice, the device keeps the mice away. The mouse repeller produces a sound that should scare the mice. This sound is inaudible to most people.

But although the ultrasonic mouse repeller sometimes just does its job, there are also many stories on the internet of people where the mouse repeller seems to be of no use at all. It is therefore often not the best solution.

Adhesive strip Mousetrap

The adhesive strip mousetrap is a trap that I want to include in the blog because I definitely don’t recommend it. Although it is still available online, the adhesive strip is prohibited. This trap is pure animal cruelty. There are therefore high fines for its use.

The creature gets stuck to the adhesive strip with its legs. Then the animal tries in vain to get free. Sometimes this even manifests itself in the gnawing of one’s own limbs. Ultimately, the animal dies a long and stressful death.

Therefore, please do not purchase an adhesive strip for mousetraps.

Buy a Cat!

And finally, taking a cat home is of course a fun option if you want to get rid of the mouse plague! They are certainly willing to catch one for their loyal owner. Just be prepared to hit a lazy cat that won’t catch mice. Then you just have another ” plague ” there

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