Pittsburgh Steelers Legend Joins Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, and Josh Jacobs To Rip NFL: ‘Running Backs Get No Love’

Current players have been weighing in on running backs getting no love from the NFL. We haven’t heard much from former running back greats. Until now!

Steelers Veteran RB Voices His Opinion on Running Backs

No love is given to the running backs, according to Jerome Bettis. He feels that talented running backs like Saquon Barkley, who “don’t grow on trees,” are underappreciated. Bettis suggests that teams can afford to barter more with players because the market is not in the running back’s favor, and they can often be seen as easily replaceable.

Bettis believes the position is being devalued because teams will replace a talented RB with a few players who can “fill that void.” A quantity-over-quality situation.

Bettis also admitted that players that previously would have played and succeeded at the RB role are often switching to other positions, with the most talented hightailing it to other areas. That also adds to the devaluation of the running back role.

Current NFL Running Backs Speak Out

Barkley and Las Vegas Raiders RB Josh Jacobs are making waves by planning to hold out from training camp until their contract deals are met.

The best way to motivate players going into the 2023–2024 season is to not make them feel like their position doesn’t matter. Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry makes this point and offers his support to his fellow running backs.

As one of the positions on the field that faces some of the most punishing hits in the game, it feels hurtful to devalue the players who put their health on the line.

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler doesn’t appreciate what he feels is an artificial devaluation of his position.

One of the best to ever play it, Christian McCaffrey, also weighed in on the current discussion.

Aaron Jones, Brandon Jacobs, Le’Veon Bell, Najee Harris, and Jonathan Taylor have also tweeted their displeasure with the state of the RB position in the NFL.

Future of the Running Back Position?

Bettis is quick to admit that the nature of the game does change with time. He remembers the fullback position being effectively eliminated by the passing game during the Peyton Manning era.

Although Bettis does see the way positions are being played differently now, he feels that a special running back is an important asset to a team, especially with a new quarterback like Steelers QB Kenny Pickett, who will need to run the ball while he is developing.

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