Peace of the pie: UEFA fine with UCL pizza

The Champignons League pizza is fine with UEFA after all.

European soccer’s governing body said Tuesday it does not mind that a German frozen pizza manufacturer is referencing the Champions League with one of its cheesy offerings.

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The manufacturer, Pizza Wolke, said on Sunday that it had received a letter from a lawyer acting on behalf of UEFA asking it to cease using the name “Champignons League” for its mushroom pizza.

But in a slice of good news for Pizza Wolke, which is based in the central town of Giessen north of Frankfurt, UEFA suggested that the legal representative had made a meal of the matter.

“UEFA obviously takes the protection of its intellectual property seriously but this instance seems to be a case of an overzealous local trademark agent acting too hastily,” the governing body said in a statement. “The UEFA Champions League can happily live alongside this delicious-sounding pizza.”

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