NFL head coach rankings 2022: Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches ahead of 2022 NFL training camps

For the majority of NFL teams, the offseason program is in the rearview mirror, as players and coaches have parted ways ahead of training camp. With the new season just a few months away, Pro Football Network decided to rank the head coaches for all 32 teams ahead of 2022 training camps.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: The Super Bowl-winning stalwarts

The first five coaches on this list have all held the Lombardi Trophy following a Super Bowl victory (or six). These longtime stewards of successful franchises have been consistently great throughout their storied tenures.

Note: The listed regular-season records are from the head coaches’ entire careers. For instance, Andy Reid’s tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles and Bill Belichick’s stint with the Cleveland Browns are included in their win-loss totals.

1) Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

Regular-season record: 233-135 (.633)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

While Andy Reid hasn’t won as many games or Super Bowls as Bill Belichick, he’s certainly overtaken him in recent success. Obviously, having a generational talent like Patrick Mahomes helps, but Reid has made the playoffs eight times, won six division titles, two AFC Championships, and a Super Bowl since taking over in Kansas City in 2013. Reid’s Chiefs have been in the AFC Championship Game in each of the past four postseasons.

2) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Regular-season record: 290-143 (.720)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 6

Belichick has been the most successful head coach in the business for a long time. While he will go down as the greatest to ever do it, his outlook right now isn’t as bright without Tom Brady. That said, he could revive his Super Bowl success with Mac Jones seemingly ascending. However, Belichick’s current handling of the offensive coordinator job has led to an overwhelming amount of eye-rolls from critics.

3) Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Regular-season record:154-85 (.643)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

While Mike Tomlin’s Steelers are seemingly going through a rebuilding process with Ben Roethlisberger retired, there’s plenty of reason for optimism entering the summer. Tomlin has never had a losing season during his 15-year tenure in Pittsburgh. Coming off an early playoff exit last year, the Steelers have done a nice job in supplementing the roster for Tomlin’s continued track.

4) Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams

Regular-season record: 55-26 (.679)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

Sean McVay is coming off an “I told you so” Super Bowl win with the Rams. Finally paired with a top-tier QB, McVay was able to lead the Rams to their ultimate victory in February, and GM Les Snead keeps stocking the shelves for success. McVay, at just 36, has made the playoffs four times, won three division titles, two conference championships, and a Super Bowl.

5) John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

Regular-season record: 137-88 (.609)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

Like Tomlin, John Harbaugh has been a consistent winner throughout his time in the AFC North. While the Ravens missed the playoffs last season, amid Lamar Jackson’s injury woes, Baltimore remained competitive with former undrafted QB Tyler Huntley at the helm.

Harbaugh has made the playoffs nine times and won the AFC North four times since taking on the job in 2008. His Super Bowl XLVII run was among the best postseason coaching performances in the modern NFL.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: The talent elevators

While the next group only has one Super Bowl winner, these five head coaches have proven that they can enhance the talent around them with scheming and shrewd tactics. This summer, the non-Super Bowl winners appear to be guiding potential Lombardi Trophy contenders into battle, largely due to their consistent success.

6) Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers

Regular-season record: 39-42 (.481)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Make what you will of the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance dynamic, but Kyle Shanahan is the right guy to guide either quarterback this season. With a system that has been replicated in several other cities, Shanahan has taken his father’s scheme and enhanced it for the modern NFL.

Shanahan has yet to win a Super Bowl, but he’s been able to contend for one with a middling QB and a revolving door of playmakers. For his shortcomings in personnel decisions, Shanahan more than makes up for those faults with his play-calling.

7) Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills

Regular-season record: 49-32 (.605)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Sean McDermott, like Harbaugh, has been a consistent winner since taking over in Buffalo. He guided the Bills to their first playoff appearance in 20 years shortly after being hired and hasn’t looked back since.

While defensive-minded head coaches typically avoid accolades and praise, McDermott has made excellent hires on the offensive side of the ball, which have led to his continued ascension. Josh Allen will keep McDermott’s seat cold for years to come.

8) Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans

Regular-season record: 41-24 (.631)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

The reigning NFL Head Coach of the Year deserved the praise for his performance last season. After losing franchise juggernaut Derrick Henry for a good portion of the season, Mike Vrabel kept his ship upright and led the Titans to the top seed in the AFC. Vrabel continues to own the AFC South, a division that typically sees quite a bit of parity.

9) Matt LaFleur, Green Bay Packers

Regular-season record: 39-10 (.796)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

With just three years at the helm, Matt LaFleur has the best regular-season winning percentage of anyone on this list. He’s also the only head coach to start a career with three 13-win seasons. But while LaFleur has made the most of having back-to-back MVP QB Aaron Rodgers in the regular season, the head coach is just 2-3 in postseason play. In order to rise into the top five, LaFleur needs to pull a McVay and get deep into the playoffs.

10) Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Regular-season record: 152-104 (.619)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

Pete Carroll is the most successful head coach in terms of wins and Super Bowls in this second tier. That said, his recent success (or lack thereof) has faded his star a bit. Carroll has done a nice job of making up for the plethora of draft mistakes the Seahawks have made over the years, but it looks like time has finally caught up to him. After losing Russell Wilson, Carroll will need to prove himself yet again.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: Still have something to prove

This is the largest tier in the bunch. While this group features two Super Bowl winners, who are now with different franchises, each one of these coaches still has plenty to prove.

11) Doug Pederson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Regular-season record: 42-37 (.531)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

Doug Pederson essentially fired himself when he recommended an underwhelming staff to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie last year. Now, after a year on the sidelines, Pederson is getting a second chance to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Following the awful Urban Meyer era, Pederson is the right leader to mend fences in Jacksonville’s locker room. Pederson is only a year removed from a five-year tenure that saw him make the playoffs three times, win two division titles, and a Lombardi Trophy.

12) Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals

Regular-season record: 16-32 (.337)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Coming off a Super Bowl appearance, the stink of Zac Taylor’s first two seasons in Cincinnati have seemingly been wiped away. Taylor needs to prove that the initial surge of a much-improved roster wasn’t a fluke. That said, he seems to know how to put Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and company in position to take advantage of their individual and collective talents.

13) Frank Reich, Indianapolis Colts

Regular-season record: 37-28 (.569)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Frank Reich has gone through starting QBs like Daniel Craig has gone through James Bond films. With Matt Ryan now established as his QB1, Reich will look to finally win a division title in the odd AFC South. He failed with Carson Wentz — his hand-picked signal-caller — so it’s fair to say Reich enters this season on the hot seat.

14) Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns

Regular-season record: 19-14 (.576)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

After leading the Browns to an impressive playoff berth in his first season at the helm, Kevin Stefanski’s squad took a step back with Baker Mayfield dealing with injury woes. Now, Stefanski will need to overcome the distractions associated with new franchise QB Deshaun Watson in order to lead the Browns back to the postseason. Stefanski seems like a sharp play-designer who can make the most of Watson, Amari Cooper, and the rest of the Browns’ new arrivals.

15) Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

Regular-season record: 9-8 (.529)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Nick Sirianni was the fodder of Philly radio throughout his first season at the helm. However, after a slow start to his first campaign, Sirianni made several changes at the midway point of the season and pushed the Eagles into the postseason with a 9-8 record. Sirianni and Jalen Hurts will look to prove they deserve their jobs with new No. 1 wideout A.J. Brown joining the fold.

16) Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

Regular-season record: 9-8 (.529)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

After coming up short in a push towards the playoffs, Brandon Staley still has QB Justin Herbert to bank on. Staley will have some upgrades on defense this season, and he needs to show he’s more than just pomp and circumstance in press conferences. He got off to a solid start, but this year will be huge for his future.

17) Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals

Regular-season record: 24-24 (.500)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Despite having a flashy offense with a stellar young QB at the helm, Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure in the desert has been somewhat underwhelming. Sure, he finally got to the postseason last year, but once again, his team sunk in quicksand when it mattered most. Kingsbury needs to find some postseason success this year.

18) Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Regular-season record: 143-92-2 (.608)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 1

While his tenure in Green Bay led to a Super Bowl win, Mike McCarthy’s stint in Dallas has been underwhelming when compared to the talent he has on the roster. The Cowboys are built to contend for conference championships, and instead of having long runs in January, Dallas has been ousted relatively quickly over the past two years. This is a make-or-break season for McCarthy.

19) Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons

Regular-season record: 7-10 (.412)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Arthur Smith’s Falcons overachieved last season with seven wins. Now stationed with one of the worst rosters in the league (again), Smith will need to develop a lot of young talent in a hurry. With Matt Ryan now in Indy, Smith is banking on Marcus Mariota to win ball games.

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