NFL Games Today: Are There Any Football Games on Sunday?

As we prepare for Super Bowl 57, the NFL calendar is quickly coming to a close. In years past, the first weekend of February always brought with it some amount of football action. Are there any NFL games on today, or do we need to continue to wait until the big game and conclusion of the 2022 NFL season?

Although we are not getting any actual NFL games today, there is still some form of football thanks to the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games. This year’s newly-designed format kicked off on Thursday but comes to a conclusion today with a number of additional events that all culminate into a flag football game.

Yes, it isn’t the kind of NFL action we’re used to seeing on a Sunday, but any football is better than no football, right? Any excuse not to run around and do errands on a Sunday is good enough for me.

The next time we get to watch an NFL football game will be next Sunday. Until then, here is what we can look forward to as we prepare for this year’s ideation of the Pro Bowl.

Events at the NFL’s Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

The final day of the Pro Bowl on Feb. 5 will include the following events: a pregame show, the NFL FLAG Youth Championships, a live showing of the skills competitions, AFC vs. NFC NFL Flag Games, and a live musical performance.

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The coaches for the AFC and NFC are Eli and Peyton Manning. Their coaching staffs will be a mix of NFL talent and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Pete Davidson.

Here is a full list of the rosters you can expect to see today.

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