‘Just Shut Up and Play’ – Stephen A. Smith Destroys ‘Pornstar’ Jimmy Garoppolo After 49er Comments

Stephen A. Smith went on the offensive, calling out Las Vegas Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo for his recent comments regarding the trade sending Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers to the Dallas Cowboys. Many believe Garoppolo’s pedestrian play and unavailability were the reason the 49ers drafted Lance in the first place.

Garoppolo shared his opinion on the matter during a recent interview on SInow. When asked point blank about the Lance trade to Dallas, Garoppolo referred to it as a “weird situation.”

Garoppolo didn’t stop there, doubling down on the remark while shaking his head, “Been a lot of weird situations over there in San Francisco. Just leave it at that.”

There is no love lost between Jimmy G and the 49ers, and there appears to be some lingering resentment for how the organization treated him. Garoppolo moved on this offseason and is now the starting QB for the Raiders.

What Did Stephen A. Smith Think of Jimmy Garoppolo’s Comments?

Smith is known for his brutal honesty and fiery tenacity on set, and the host of First Take pulled no punches in delivering his message to Garoppolo.

“Jimmy Garoppolo needs to shut the hell up. Just shut up and play.” Smith was not pleased with Garoppolo’s commentary on his former team, which came off as sour grapes.

Smith called out Garoppolo for his injury history and unavailability to suit up for San Francisco, “He’s a damn good quarterback when he’s playing, but it’s rare that he plays.”

Smith’s point is well-taken, as Garoppolo has missed 31 total games with various injuries, including an ACL tear, multiple thumb injuries, high ankle sprains, and a fractured foot.

Smith didn’t stop there, questioning Garoppolo’s personal life decisions.

“He spends more time in an infirmary than on a football field. If he ain’t doing that, he’s with porn stars on Melrose. That’s why I call him porn star Jimmy.” Smith, referencing Garoppolo’s famous date with Kiara Mia.

Smith took shots at Garoppolo’s play on the football field, particularly in the sport’s biggest game.

“When you don’t have that going on, you’re missing throws in the Super Bowl that could have helped your team win.”

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Finally, Smith characterized Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco not as a leader but as a passenger.

“The 49ers didn’t win because of Garoppolo, they won in spite of Garoppolo.”

It would be nice to see Smith come out of his shell and tell us how he really feels.

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