Why Google Shutting Down Gmail Account From Next Year (2021)

Google plus announcement:  A new policy for existing user accounts coming soon. In a new policy update, Google Shutting Down Gmail Account From Next Year (2021) which has inactive for a long time. The new policy will be implemented on June 1, 2021. That user account is inactive for a long time or has a storage limit that is used, this includes Google Sheets, Slides, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Forms, and Photos.

The google team will delete the accounts of users that are inactive or more of these services for two years after 1 June 2021. Google will also delete files, photos across Gmail, and Drive that exceeds the storage limit.

However, you do not need to worried right now because photos and videos backed up before June month will still consider free from the Storage limit. Only photos uploaded after June will begin counting against the cap.

Why Google Shutting Down Gmail Account

From next year, the Google Photos service will discontinue, if you want to use google photo then you will spend some money.

Google said that the new policies are for customer accounts that are either inactive or over the storage limit across Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and many other Google services- to better align with some practices across the industry. It starts from June 1, 2021, any new video, photos, and docs files you upload will count toward the free 15 GB storage.

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Google notifies all inactive users multiple times before it permanently removed

There is a simple way that, google notify all inactive users multiple times before it permanently removed. This will give users opportunities to take the right way action before all content will vanish from their account. The best way to secure an account is active by periodically logging into Drive, Google Docs, Gmail on the web or mobile.

Google Shutting Down Gmail Account

By this time, Google has 4 trillion photos are stored in Google Photos, and every week 28 billion new videos and photos are uploaded. So many users rely on Google Photos to store memories, it is important that just not a great product, but also continues to meet your needs over a long period of haul. In order to welcome new memories and build Google Photos for the future, we are changing our unlimited high-quality storage system, read from Google blog post.

Google says that 80 percent of users should still be able to store data roughly three more years of memories with free 15Gb storage. This change will not affect you for 6 months, so you would not need to worried about your photos at this time. Google is developing two new tools to help you manage storage.

The company said that it will send alerts message when you begin to approach the cap, it will also tell your backup photos and videos and pick what you want to keep our self and what you want to delete. These tools will automatically highlight content such as dark or blurry photos. Large videos, screenshots that you may be no longer to keep on your mobile device.

Moreover, you can verify your backup quality at any time in the app by going to the backup and sync option in Settings. Google is also going to show estimate each user overtime to guess how much longer they will be able to use their current tier.

Google already counting original quality photos uploads against a storage cap, the High-Quality allows you unlimited storage of videos, Docs, and photos as they are automatically compressed for efficient storage.

It may be noted that those who have Google Pixel Phone will still be able to upload high-quality not original photos for free after 1 June, which is a small bonus for those who have Google devices.

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What will happen after 15GB of storage is used? 

Google developing two new tools, that show you an estimate of how long your storage will end. This estimate depends on how often your backup data to your Google Account. It also shows the amount of storage taken by your videos, photos, along with docs file from Google Drive and Gmail.

The tool was revealed by Google Photos Product through twitter explaining the development.

Once you used 15GB of Storage, you will have the choice to subscribe to one of the Google Plans if you want to keep uploading. It starts from $1.99/ month (around 147 Indian rupees) for 100GB and has bigger plans through 200GB around $2.99/ month (221 Indian rupees), and 2TB plans around $9.99/ month (740 Indian rupees), and the last one plan is 30TB around $149.99/ month (11000 Indian rupees).


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