AJ Dillon Injury Update Week 16: Should Fantasy Managers Be Concerned?

Heading into the holidays, fantasy football managers have another injury to be concerned about after AJ Dillon left Monday Night Football with a potential concussion. Ahead of what will be the fantasy championship semifinal game for many managers, let’s examine the latest surrounding Dillon’s injury and what it all means from a fantasy perspective.

What Is the Latest on AJ Dillon’s Injury Situation?

While we found out from the Green Bay Packers that Dillon was being evaluated for a concussion, we didn’t get much further information. What we do know is that Dillon did not return to the game on Monday, and now all eyes will turn to the injury reports on Wednesday and Thursday. Additionally, we know that concussions are very individual injuries, making them tricky to put a timeframe on.

The first key will be seeing whether Dillon can practice in any capacity by Wednesday and Thursday. In all likelihood, the Packers may hold a walkthrough on Wednesday, so that might not give us a full idea, as the report would be an estimation. However, what we have generally seen is that if a player is not back practicing in a limited fashion by Wednesday or Thursday, they rarely return to the field the week following the injury.

The issue for fantasy managers will come if Dillon can get back in practice, but is not fully cleared coming out of practice on Friday. If he is questionable, then fantasy managers could have a tough choice if the majority of their remaining fantasy options are playing in the Saturday slate.

This week is unique in that it will force managers to make decisions a day early than they normally would. With 11 of the 16 games this week taking place on Saturday, the week has a very different feel to it.

Fantasy Impact of Dillon’s Injury on Aaron Jones and Patrick Taylor

Dillon and Jones have largely been splitting work this year, so if Dillon misses time, we should see an immediate boost in value for Jones. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly see the Packers hand the ball to Jones 30+ times in Week 16 against the Miami Dolphins.

Additionally, the gain is nice but somewhat irrelevant from a lineup setting point of view. Jones has been a starter all season and remains as such in this situation. In Underdog Fantasy Best Ball formats, Jones could be a very intriguing option this week.

The intriguing element will be whether we see Patrick Taylor getting more touches this week if Dillon is out. Taylor had four carries in the second half of Monday’s game, effectively being used to give Jones a break for a play or two.

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Therefore, if Dillon is out, we should expect to see Taylor, but likely only for 5 to 10 touches. That will not be enough for him to have significant value in 14-team leagues or shallower, but it could make him an option in 16-team formats if you are desperate for an RB.

If Dillon can get cleared, then he should be an option you treat as normal in fantasy leagues. Concussion injuries do not tend to have lingering performance impacts, so Dillon should see his standard usage and play as he normally would.

It very much depends on your roster situation as to whether Dillon would be an option. If you are uncertain how to handle the various options this week, then check out our Week 16 RB fantasy rankings.

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