Aaron Rodgers Injury: NFL Free Agent QB Options Include Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, and Others

Early in the first quarter of his New York Jets regular season debut, Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury. He immediately went to the blue tent and was eventually carted to the locker room. Currently, the team fears Rodgers might have torn his Achilles, which would end his season.

Without Rodgers, the Jets will need to add a quarterback. It is possible they look to the current available free agents to do so. Who might they look to sign?

Top Free Agent QB Options for the Jets

It goes without saying that there’s a reason free agent QBs are…free agents. No matter who the Jets sign, he’s a far cry from Rodgers. With that said, they need someone. Here are some possible players for the Jets to call.

Carson Wentz

After flaming out in Philadelphia in 2020, Wentz got a second opportunity in Indianapolis in 2021. That experiment failed, but Wentz got a third chance in Washington last year. Wentz was unable to succeed there as well. He has not gotten a fourth opportunity…yet.

Wentz is a veteran. The Jets would be his fourth team in four years. But he still may give them a better chance than Zach Wilson. Still just 31 years old, Wentz is probably the best of a bunch of less-than-ideal options.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan’s career in Atlanta ended after the 2021 season. The Colts signed him in 2022, hoping he could be their next Philip Rivers. Unfortunately, Ryan looked completely cooked, ultimately getting benched for Sam Ehlinger.

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At 38 years old, Ryan has little left. However, he still has his brain. He could manage the game and allow the Jets’ defense and other playmakers to do the heavy lifting.

Joe Flacco

Out of all the available options, one could argue Joe Flacco makes the most sense. He made starts for the team last year, and the offense was actually its most potent with him under center. Flacco believes he can still play. Perhaps he can convince the Jets to bring him back.

Colt McCoy

It’s unclear if Colt McCoy wants to continue playing football. But he spent the entire offseason in Cardinals training camp. He’s certainly game-ready.

McCoy is a veteran who can also manage the game. The Jets could certainly consider him as an option.

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